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So you want a loft conversion. But how can you be sure you go about doing it in the right way? Here are five tips that will make sure you get the best possible loft conversion.

1 Do your homework

Loft conversions don’t require much in the way of paperwork and it’s not something you really have to worry about, right? Well, kind of. It’s true that in most cases, you won’t need planning permission for a loft conversion.

But what if your one of the cases where that isn’t true? You don’t want to get part of the way through your attic conversion and then discover that you haven’t got the required permissions.
So make sure you’re fully aware of what you need to do before you start work. The chances are that all you’ll need to do is to notify your neighbours under the Party Wall Act, but make sure you don’t get caught out.

2 Vet your contractors

Everybody knows that you should always get a range of quotes for a major home improvement project, but did you know that you shouldn’t automatically opt for the lowest quote.
Why? Because if you get a loft conversion price that seems too good to be true, it may well turn out to be just that.

So make sure you thoroughly research loft conversion contractors before making any commitments. Check online reviews, and make sure you go with a company you can trust.

3 Understand what you’ll be getting

Although it can be tempting just to “leave everything to the experts”, you need to make sure you understand what your loft conversion will look like when it’s finished.

Why? Well, imagine your loft conversion is completed and it ends up looking nothing like you wanted. But the contractor has signed documents saying that this is what you agreed on.

The end result of this situation is that you’re stuck with a loft conversion that you don’t like.

So just make sure you’re fully aware of what the contractor will be doing. You don’t have to be hands on with things, just make sure you’re in the know on the things that matter to you.

4 Prepare to furnish

Unless you’ve opted for a very high end loft conversion, the chances are you’ll have to furnish your new living space yourself.

So firstly, don’t forget to factor this into your budgeting, and secondly make sure you enjoy shopping around for new furniture and accessories. (Just make sure your new purchases will get up the attic stairs!)

One other thing to remember is that, while your new loft conversion will probably be decorated when it’s finished, it will be to a very basic standard. So if you want anything more fancy, you’ll have to arrange that too.

5 Make sure you enjoy it

You’re not just planning to use your loft conversion as a way to make a quick profit, are you? Because that sort of thing is really best left to property developers who understand the risks they are taking.

A loft conversion should be a wonderful addition to your home, so make sure you enjoy it.

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